As of Sunday, almost 1.1 million dosages of the coronavirus vaccine have been administered in suburban Cook County. Around 16.49% of the population has actually been fully vaccinated against coronavirus, with more than 400,000 homeowners having received both shots.

The state of Illinois is set to move into Phase 1C of its vaccination program on Monday, and is expected to reveal that all residents 16 and older will be qualified to sign up for vaccination consultations beginning on April 12.

According to officials, the visits were launched to the public at midday, with citizens in Phase 1A, Phase 1B, Phase 1B-Plus, and certain other citizens who were previously included in Phase 1C eligible.

Within a span of less than two hours, the first-dose visits, which were set to be offered at one of 4 rural sites, were all gone, with officials validating that details Sunday afternoon.

Cook County Health says that 25,000 coronavirus vaccination appointments launched Sunday were bought in less than two hours.

Cook County has moved into Phase 1B-Plus of coronavirus vaccinations, with that brand-new group consisting of people 16 or older with a preexisting medical condition or other comorbidity.

The county is balancing 21,293 dosages administered each day, and has an on-hand stock of more than 140,000.