Linick competed that he was fired for “no legitimate reason,” which Bulatao refuted in his own statement in September 2020, asserting rather that Trump “lost confidence” in him for a variety of reasons.G/ O Media may get a commissionLast year, citing sources that previously worked within the State Department, Business Insider published a report calling Bulatao “Mike Pompeos attack dog” and accusing him of overseeing elegant spending on non-foreign policy associated things like campaign occasions and donor dinners as well as “an extraordinary ousting of career ambassadors” and other personnel problems. The report also pointed out that the new acting Inspector General, Stephen Akard, had not left his previous post as Director of Foreign Missions and would therefore report straight to Bulatao in spite of the dispute of interest that would benefit Pompeo, Bulataos close pal and employer. Akard resigned months later.Activision Blizzards hiring of Bulatao follows an early March statement that the business had brought on Frances F. Townsend, a former George W. Bush-era counterterrorism appointee and torture apologist, as its new head of compliance.