We reached out to this place and BBW HQ too … the Scottsdale store had no comment, no word back yet from business.

Sure enough, this older white lady is certainly arguing with an African-American female … and you hear some politically charged rhetoric. The African-American woman calls the white lady” trailer park garbage” … and its downhill from there. Unclear if this had anything to do with it– but we must note, the main character here does not seem to be wearing a face covering.

women who were fighting to get the heck out of their establishment.

You see a worker start to go at it with the blonde female, while her colleague hurries over to assist … knocking everybody over in the process. Not too far away, another lady gets into it with yet another employee. Eventually, a male employee actions in to break it up– and he orders the

Take a look at this crazy battle that broke out over the weekend at the Fashion Square Mall in Scottsdale– where a middle-aged woman is stated to have been triggering a commotion inside with another consumer prior to s *** struck the fan.

A brawl broke out at a Bath & & Body Functions in Arizona, where the workers of all individuals are the ones who stepped in … and proceeded to whoop on a female.