On-chain analytics service provider, Glassnode, has released data exposing that Bitcoin miners are collecting while long-lasting financiers are taking profits.Despite January seeing heavy selling from miners, Glassnodes report shows that miner outflows have dried up during February so far.Chart – Glassnode.comThe report asserts that miners and longer-term financiers are the 2 principal sellers of Bitcoin during bull markets. According to Glassnode, decreasing miner outflows can be inferred as bullish, with miners either having actually currently covered their costs of operation or stockpiling coins in response to Teslas $1.5 billion Bitcoin financial investment:” This recommends that miners have actually either finished appropriate sales to cover expenses, or might also indicate they see Teslas vote of confidence as reasonable reason to keep a strong grip on their treasuries.” With miners now hanging onto their BTC, Glassnode concludes most of coins being offered in the markets are being off-loaded by longer term investors.The report notes recentlys Elon Candle– with the single-largest daily candle in the history of BTC being published the day after Teslas investment was announced, driving a 24-hour cost gain of $7,162 or 18.5% on Monday, Feb. 8. Looking at Bitcoins Average Spent Output Lifespan (ASOL), an indication that measures the typical age in days of all spent deal outputs, Glassnode concluded that long-term financiers capitalized on Teslas news to realize earnings.” The Elon Candle has actually raised the typical age of coins spent from 30-days to 58-days, as displayed in the ASOL.” The company noted that Coin Days Destroyed (CDD), which is a step of financial activity giving more weight to coins that havent been invested for a long period of time, likewise shows that older coins are getting redistributed. When BTC broke back above $12,000, glassnode concludes that long-lasting investors have actually been taking profits given that October–. Teslas financial investment has likewise driven record social signals for Bitcoin, with Twitter activity surging to new highs after the automobile producers investment was publicized.Despite the earnings taking, Bitcoins rate continues to make gains, with BTC testing its recent all-time high of roughly $49,600 on Feb. 16..