And the purchasing spree has actually continued into 2021, according to the conglomerates annual letter that was released Saturday morning.During the 4th quarter the company bought back around $9 billion of Berkshire shares, bringing the total 2020 bought to a record $24.7 billion.”Berkshire has actually redeemed more shares since year-end and is likely to even more decrease its share count in the future,” his annual letter stated.During the 3rd quarter the conglomerate bought back $9 billion of its own stock, up from $5.1 billion during the second quarter. For the full year, running revenues dipped 9% to $21.922 billion as the pandemic hit Berkshires conglomerate of businesses.The companys net incomes– which account for Berkshires huge financial investments in the public market– leapt 23% on a year-over-year basis to $35.835 billion.