He stated the objective is not to make cash, but to equalize and decentralize art so token holders everywhere can share a piece of history and share the wealth.For example, its like if individuals might go to the Museum of Modern Art and actually own some of the work, he stated. While the future of NFT costs and their longer-term role in the art world remains an open concern, and lots of see it as a speculative fad, the eight-figure rate for the Beeple has triggered the art world to suddenly take notice.Shortly after the auction result, Mike Winkelmann, understood as Beeple, tweeted: “holy f–” On Thursday night, he also tweeted an image of a digitized “Mona Lisa” with the caption: “THE NEXT CHAPTER.” The record-breaking work, called “The First 5,000 days” was the first ever to offer at a significant auction house.In 2007, Winkelmann set out to publish a new work of digital art every day for the rest of his life and hasnt missed a single day.