Foley Trasimene Acquisition Corp.: “There are numerous of these things that its extremely tough to track, and I dont desire you in them. Were made with that period. I believe weve got to let these stocks boil down … Its too darn difficult for financiers.” Peloton: “Its had a big run and Im moving on.” Tellurian: “Its an excellent $2 specification. I call it a call alternative. Its practically a lotto ticket, but I do not like betting against [co-founder] Charif Souki.” Palantir: “I dont believe this is the time to double down … You do not double down till something has actually boiled down significantly enough to alter your [cost] basis.” G1 Therapeutics: “These are stocks that I never ever say no to anybody, supplied they recognize that its the speculative stock in their portfolio. It is not like owning a Merck.”