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This idea might be a little too open.When it comes to real estate, open principle styles are preferred nowadays. While individuals may seem to love taking a look at a home that does not have walls separated specific locations, some rooms are still anticipated to be enclosed.GET FOX BUSINESS ON THE GO BY CLICKING HEREThe property listing for one home in Boston, nevertheless, has actually gathered a great deal of attention on social networks for apparently consisting of an open concept bathroom.The house, situated on South St. in Boston, Mass., was included on the page Zillow Gone Wild. A post on the groups Facebook page programs off your homes outside, which is a multifamily home that appears to have actually been recently redone.The main focus of the post, however, is a shot of a second-floor space that appears to have a restroom without any walls tucked away in among the corners.Aside from the bathroom, the space appears to have French doors separated it from the remainder of the house and likewise leads out onto a second-story balcony.ZILLOW IS MAKING CASH OFFERS ON HOUSES USING ITS ZESTIMATE HOME VALUE TOOLAccording to the Zillow listing, which has the house priced at $899,000, the property was offered for $418,100 in 2019. The listing also notes the home as having been foreclosed upon.On Facebook, some users speculated that this might be a flip-gone-wrong. Others questioned if the restroom may have been developed for a handicapped individual, but it was also pointed out that its on the second flooring of a building without any elevator and does not consist of any handrails.One user wrote, “I live near this house. Its a flip, and the open-concept bathroom was added and updated after it was bought in 2019. Its not for special needs factors; they probably simply lacked money prior to they put in a door.”CLICK HERE TO READ MORE ON FOX BUSINESSOther users just seemed puzzled by the numerous design options made, with one commenter sardonically writing, “The frosting on the glass will undoubtedly defeat all but the most invasive surveillance innovation however youre going to have to hope that the shower cubicle steams up pretty quick.””At very first I was like, oh thats a gorgeous house,” another user wrote. “Then I saw pic # 4. Pretty sure I had a problem about a setup like that once.”Fox Business connected to the realtor for comment however did not immediately receive a response.