is now the most current cryptocurrency exchange and payment service to sign up with the Visa network.According to a press statement issued on Wednesday, has tattooed an international collaboration with the credit/debit card payment giant which includes ending up being a primary member of Visas network in Australia.As part of the press release, exposed that the collaboration with Visa was in line with the businesss efforts to broaden the reach of its crypto Visa card.Crypto.coms Visa card is already used in more than 30 nations around the world, including the United States, Canada, as well as countries in Europe and throughout the Asia-Pacific. prepares to start direct issuance of its Visa card in the nation, and the business says it will utilize its existence in Australia to pursue higher market penetration for its card service across the world.Apart from its physical Visa card item, will likewise reportedly start to provide virtual cards within Europe.Commenting on the Visa partnership, CEO Kris Marszalek remarked:”Signing the global collaboration with Visa and ending up being a principal member with the worlds leader in digital payments verifies our commitment to accelerate the worlds transition to cryptocurrency.”As part of the official communique, the business also announced the rollout of its fiat financing program, dubbed “Spending Power.” With this brand-new item, Visa cardholders will have the ability to use the cryptocurrency balance in their wallet as loan collateral and invest fiat in merchant platforms that support Visa payments.Earlier in March, introduced a $200 million crypto mutual fund to support start-ups in the market. is likewise sponsoring the Aston Martin Formula 1 racing group as the British carmaker marks its go back to the F1 circuit after a 61-year hiatus.