“On behalf of the Board of Trustees, I want to thank Dr. Ahmed for his contributions to the Loretto Hospital neighborhood and we want him the best in his future endeavors,” Edward M. Hogan, chairman of the Lorettos board of trustees, said in a written statement.Ahmed did not respond to a demand for comment from The Washington Post.On March 10 and 11, Loretto immunized 72 staff members at Trumps downtown hotel and condo tower, where Ahmed had actually purchased a $2.7 million 43rd-floor condominium five months previously. Under city standards, hotel employees were not supposed to be immunized till 3 weeks later.In addition, the healthcare facility offered vaccines to county judges and congregants at Loretto Hospital CEO George Millers church. The menu shows that some steaks cost up to $180 each.Loretto Hospital did not react to concerns about that report, however hours later it announced it had actually accepted Ahmeds resignation.Asked whether the hospital had validated that Ahmed arranged for vaccines for the steakhouse and watch shop personnel, spokesperson Becky Carroll said, “That is part of the internal review being performed by the board.