A Georgia man who was having difficulty getting the last paycheck from his employer was stunned to find its comparable in pennies dumped in his driveway earlier this month.Fayettevilles Andreas Flaten had quit his job at Peachtree Citys An OK Walker Luxury Autoworks in November 2020. ATLANTA SHOOTING VICTIMS FAMILIES RECEIVE OUTPOURING OF DONATIONSHe told regional WGCL-TV he had been at the automobile service center for a year– and had understood his employer Miles Walker for 8 years– but that “poisonous” working conditions had actually taken a “toll” on him. He offered his two-weeks observe, writing a letter of resignation to Walker who apparently guaranteed Flatens final $915 check would be paid to him in January.But, come January, the check never ever got here and Flaten stated his former boss implicated him of damages.
The pile of pennies in Andreas Flatens driveway (Credit: Olivia Oxley).
He even called Georgias Department of Labor for support in the matter, without much luck.Months later, Flaten and his sweetheart, Olivia Oxley, were leaving his home when he observed something at the end of his driveway: more than 91,000 oil or grease-covered pennies and an envelope with his last pay stub that was attended to with an explicit message: “F– you!” The cents weigh more than 500 pounds in overall, according to Fox 5 Atlanta, breaking the wheels of Flatens wheelbarrow.Dismayed by the incident, Oxley took to social networks with videos of the scene, composing on Facebook that ” nobody like that is worthy of to have [a] effective business.” Flaten called the move “childish” and noted that cleaning the pennies was “going to be a lot of work” for cash he had already earned.Now, his nights are spent cleaning up the coins for hours at a time in order to be able to cash them in.Oxley decreased to comment to Fox News on Thursday, describing that the pair would be focusing their energy on finding resources to be able to get a “real payment” for Flatens last check.Walker declined to comment.
The area where the cents were disposed (Credit: Olivia Oxley).
CLICK HERE FOR THE FOX NEWS APPWalker talked with WGCL-TV briefly, stating he didnt know if he did or didnt drop the pennies off at Flatens house.” I dont really remember,” Walker informed the TELEVISION station. “It doesnt matter he made money, thats all that matters.” Walker went on to call Flaten a “weenie.” The Associated Press contributed to this report.