BERLIN– Germany, France and Italy joined a group of smaller sized European nations that have actually momentarily stopped administering Covid-19 vaccines made by AstraZeneca PLC, stating the relocation was preventive amid a small number of cases of blood clot reported on the continent.
Denmark recently stated it had actually paused AstraZeneca shots for two weeks following reports of blood clot, and a number of other European nations quickly followed suit, saying they were doing so out of an abundance of care. Norway, Ireland and the Netherlands are among countries that have paused immunizing with AstraZenecas shot.
Health regulators in the U.K. and Europe, along with AstraZeneca and its vaccine advancement partners at the University of Oxford, state there is no known connection between severe clotting and the shot. AstraZeneca has said the variety of cases of blood clotting among the roughly 17 million people in the European Union and U.K. who have actually gotten the shot is lower than for the basic population.
Europes medicines regulator said last week it was looking into around 30 reported cases of serious clotting, out of around 5 million individuals who have received the shot in the bloc. Last week, the regulator, the European Medicines Agency, said the “vaccines benefits currently still outweigh threats” and has continued suggesting its use.
The temporary halt to the AstraZeneca shots is another major problem in a larger vaccine rollout in Europe hamstrung by supply scarcities and other obstacles at the same time as the continent battles with increasing Covid-19 cases. Europes vaccination rates are far lower than in the U.S. and the U.K., where Covid-19 cases have actually stabilized or are falling.