The Houston location has actually seen sub-freezing temperature levels for hours, leading to prevalent power outages. Several warming centers have been opened throughout the Houston location.

CenterPoint Energy is reporting huge power failures in the Houston area due to the serious winter season storm that has engulfed Texas.

Turning power interruptions started across the state. However the blackouts we saw Monday were triggered when the demand started to far surpass the supply, and after that the weather condition began to contribute.

HOUSTON– The whole state is experiencing an extraordinary power shortage due to an extreme winter season storm that has taken over Texas. After the CenterPoint blackout map was down for the majority of Monday, it lastly returned Monday night.

Look out for CenterPoint imposters

Houston Police Chief Art Acevedo stated there have actually been reports of people dressing up like CenterPoint staff members to access to houses. Keep in mind, the interruptions in Houston due to the extreme weather do not need CenterPoint workers to enter houses.

When will the power return on in Houston area?

When the power will come back on, there is no estimate as to. Officials stated it might be out for a couple of days.

Authorities likewise said that with more cold air moving into the area, the power supply could once again be affected and might lead to much more people losing power. Text POWER to 713-526-1111 to get updates on the effort to restore power.