10 years back, International Business Machine Corp.s expert system Watson bested people at the test show “Jeopardy!”.
The task was supposed to declare a shift in the way makers served up responses to questions small and huge, opening up new profits streams for Big Blue particularly and Big Tech more typically. A key target: health care, a trillion-dollar market many say is burdened ineffectiveness that some tech supporters state AI might treat.
A years later, truth has fallen brief of that promise. IBM is now checking out the sale of Watson Health, an unit whose marquee item was expected to assist physicians identify and cure cancer.
IBM invested a number of billion dollars on acquisitions to construct up Watson. Watson Health has actually struggled for market share in the U.S. and abroad and currently isnt lucrative.
Alphabet Inc.s Google DeepMind system, which famously developed a Go-playing algorithm that overcame a champion human player in 2016, later on released numerous healthcare-related efforts focused on chronic conditions. It also has lost money in recent years and face personal privacy issues over how health data was being gathered.