Sen. Josh Hawley, R-Mo., revealed brand-new legislation to bust up corporate control over politics and restore power in American hands informing “Tucker Carlson Tonight” on Monday that his plan will break up Big Tech and permit “hard brand-new charges” on companies that try to disobey trust laws.Hawley: No corporation should be so powerful and so huge that it can manage the political process, that it can override the will of the citizens. Whichs exactly what todays mega-corporations whove gotten big and fat with the aid of government, what theyre trying to do.So heres what my plan would do. To start with, it would separate the big tech business, make them spin-off their various parts. For instance, Amazon must not have the ability to have the dominant e-commerce platform and also control the cloud. It would break up the big corporations. No more mergers and acquisitions by the most significant business in America, do not permit the big banks to get any larger. Difficult brand-new charges for corporations that breach our trust laws and also a brand-new ability for district attorneys to pursue these trusts. And at the end of the day … a new focus for antitrust law, which is this– It should have to do with promoting competition. Freedom is safeguarded when theres competitors, not when theres monopoly.CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE FULL INTERVIEW