The statement is a little surprising since LG phones usually would not have been anticipated to get that numerous updates even while LG was really in the phone service. The business revealed a dedicated “Software Upgrade Center” in 2018, but little to absolutely nothing altered about its Android upgrade situation. Many of its latest premium phones arent scheduled to receive Android 11 till completion of 2021.
Earlier this week, LGs Korean site indicated that some picked designs would likewise get an Android 12 upgrade.

LG has revealed a pledge to issue future Android OS updates to much of its smartphones in spite of validating previously this week that itll be leaving the phone service altogether. The Velvet, Wing, and G- and V- series phones from 2019 or later need to be getting 3 Android updates from their year of release, and “particular 2020 models such as LG Stylo and K series” will get two updates.
For instance, the Velvet came out in 2015 with Android 10, and its Android 11 rollout is currently in progress. That indicates that it should likewise be getting Android 12 and 13 at some time, assuming Google continues its yearly cadence. LG variously explains this statement as a “three-year pledge” and a “three-OS-update warranty.”