In his opening remarks, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will highlight actions Facebook has actually taken to eliminate or fact-check election-related false information that led to people protesting the elections outcome.But soon after the presidential election, President Donald Trump and his allies started to contest the results, typically using the hashtag #StoptheSteal as a rallying cry. In spite of Sandbergs comments, promotion of the event took place on Facebook in the run-up to the rally, The Washington Post reported.More than 100,000 users posted hashtags associated with the motion prompted by baseless claims of election scams, consisting of #StopTheSteal and #FightForTrump. The #StoptheSteal hashtag was still active five days after the riot, according to researchers.At least 2 lots Republican Party authorities and organizations in at least 12 states posted on Facebook to collaborate bus journeys to the rally, while users posted maps of the days events on Facebook-owned Instagram.A meme posted on Facebook on Jan. 5 called for “Operation Occupy the Capitol” and promoted the hashtag # 1776Rebel.