According to lottery officials, the chances of winning a Powerball prize are 1 in 292 million.

” This was an excellent investment,” Sorzano stated.

Sorzano, who is from Estero, Florida, took home $353,751 after tax on Monday. The future North Carolina citizen said hes still in disbelief and will be utilizing the cash to acquire a house in Huntersville.

” Unbelievable,” Sorzano stated. “Im just extremely delighted that my dreams became a reality.”

By CNNWhen Florida resident Ernesto Sorzano got his fried rice and shrimp from a Chinese takeout, he got a fortune cookie that would alter his life.

Sorzano, who is in the process of transferring to Huntersville, North Carolina, used the set of lucky numbers from the fortune cookie to purchase a North Carolina Powerball lottery ticket.

According to North Carolina lottery officials, Sorzanos numbers matched 4 of the white balls, winning him $50,000, however they say that reward bolted to $500,000 because he purchased a $3 power-play ticket.