After the compromised craft returned to the airport, the bulk of folks on the flight merely boarded a brand-new United plane and continued on their journey to Honolulu, United stated in a statement late Saturday.

“And that ring thing around it just flew off and then it was simply smoking. And I was much like, Oh my gosh, I dont know whats going to take place next,” she said.

When Barbara Underwood saw the fire breaking out of the airplanes starboard engine during her United Airlines flight home to Hawaii on Saturday, she might consider only one thing to do.

Many people on board didnt even seem to understand what had actually happened, she said.

Those who didnt wish to travel were provided hotel accommodations.

“I turned my texting back on and stated my last goodbyes to our children. Now we didnt know what was going to occur. It was pretty frightening,” the Kauai woman informed Hawaii News Now.

The airline stated its dealing with the federal agencies examining the event.

When she observed the engine appeared to be shaking, she was looking out the window.

“And then as I was taking a look at it, it just blew fire,” she said of the doomed starboard engine.

Underwood was flying with her husband from Denver to Honolulu on United Flight 328 when the scary occurrence began to unfold, she told the outlet.