Tesla has actually yet again raised costs on their vehicle lineup in the United States for the 3rd time in the last month.Heres a recap of the modifications: Model 3Model 3 Standard Range + increased $500 ($37,990 to $38,490)Model 3 Long Range non-performance increased $500 ($46,990 to $47,490)Model 3 Performance increased $1,000 ($55,990 to $56,990)Model YModel Y Long Range non-performance increased $500 ($49,990 to $50,490)Model Y Performance did not change (held at $60,990)Model S/ Model XModel S and Model X prices did not change (see table)Stay ahead of the curve by subscribing to Tesla Daily on YouTube.2021 has been an unstable year for Teslas rates in the United States, as shown in the table below. After fluctuating throughout Q1, costs on the Model 3 have now increased by $500 – $2,000 while Model Y has increased by $500 – $1,000 because the start of the year. Tesla likewise increased the rate of the Model Y in China at the end of Q1.Alongside Teslas record first quarter results, the businesss rate boosts over the last month might also be a sign of strong need.