Tesla is building a brand-new Tesla Semi production line at a new building near its Gigafactory Nevada plant, and it prepares to produce five electrical trucks weekly, according to sources familiar with the matter.

Over the last few weeks, we have been trying to evaluate the scenario concerning Tesla Semi production after some vague comments by Elon Musk about the program being constrained by battery cell production.
Now, we are getting some clearness through trustworthy sources.
In 2015, Electrek reported that Tesla took control of a large more than 500,000 square feet integrating in the industrial park where Tesla Gigafactory Nevada is situated.
At the time, we could not be sure about the car manufacturers strategy for the building, but we had signs that it pertained to Tesla Semi production.
Now, we can verify that the building, which sits at 550 Milan Drive (imagined above) beside another structure utilized as a storage facility by Tesla, is housing a brand-new assembly line for Tesla Semi presently being deployed by the automaker.
Dependable sources acquainted with the matter informed Electrek that Tesla is currently constructing a low-volume Tesla Semi production line in the building.
As soon as completed, they anticipate a production capability of five Tesla Semi electric trucks each week.
When Tesla can likewise ramp up battery cell production there, the strategy is still for volume production to occur at Gigafactory Austin.
Electreks Take
This might lead to more Tesla Semi production than many people anticipated, particularly after Elons current remarks.
This early morning, we held a survey, and the majority of respondents believed that Tesla would produce less than 50 Tesla Semi trucks in 2021:

While this forecast might still end up being accurate, if Tesla can reach that objective by the 4th quarter, we are discussing 60 Tesla Semi electric trucks this year.
This would be an excellent start for the program, which saw many delays for many years.
Naturally, the goal is for much higher production as soon as the program moves to Gigafactory Austin and Tesla can reach high volume production of 4680 battery cells.
Musk even discussed that Tesla could ultimately produce 100,000 electrical semi trucks each year.
In my viewpoint, we are at least 3-4 years far from that, but I think its a real possibility because of Tesla Semis capacity for substantially lowering the expense of transport by freight.
Tesla already has countless reservations for the car, and if they can prove the economics in real-world usage, it is safe to assume that it would have a huge influence on the market.
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