Those issues might lead to rolling blackouts, similar to the 2011 winter season storm that led to the exact same result, authorities said.The CEO of Texas Electric Reliability Council of Texas, much better known as ERCOT, announced Sunday that the supply of natural gas to power plants was restricted, and some wind turbines had frozen.” ERCOT in 2011 had to cut power to at least a million Texas houses during a record-breaking cold snap that year.The systems outlook forecasted really tight conditions, including the possibility that demand could go beyond offered power sometime Sunday, according to ERCOTs site. A representative verified the outlook, saying emergency conditions may be triggered as soon as tonight.The resemblances to the two situations are difficult to miss: Both systems brought considerably chillier temperatures, left roads unpassable with ice and snow, and led to some power facilities going offline due to the cold, leaving the state without sufficient power.
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