Luxury design house Valentino SpA is facing a $207.1 million claim after the proprietor of its former American flagship store on Manhattans Fifth Avenue implicated the Italian brand of breaking its lease unlawfully and leaving the building harmed, numerous outlets report.Valentino closed up store at the four-story Fifth Avenue location in December amidst the coronavirus pandemic.The owner of the location at 693 Fifth Ave. claims the style house is accountable for rent until July 2029 when the lease is set to expire, according to Reuters.In addition to rent, the proprietor is charging Valentino over damages, allegedly including holes and paint on the Venetian Terrazzo marble panels, to the tune of $12.9 million.The claim comes months after Valentino requested that courts end the brands 16-year lease on the space, pointing out effects and regulations brought on by the coronavirus pandemic, Fox Business reports.”In the present social and financial environment, filled with COVID-19-related constraints, social distancing procedures, a lack of consumer confidence and a prevailing fear of purchasing from, in-person, non-essential high-end retail boutiques, Valentinos organization at the premises has actually been substantially prevented and rendered unwise, impractical and no longer convenient,” the high-end brand argued.The match was dismissed on Jan. 27 by Justice Andrew Borrok, who ruled the lease favored the landlord. Valentino is appealing the choice, according to Reuters.