It said Voltswagen will be placed as an exterior badge on all EV models with gas vehicles having the businesss iconic VW emblem only.To “preserve components of Volkswagens heritage,” the release stated the company planned to retain the dark blue color of the VW logo for gas-powered lorries and utilize light blue to distinguish “the new, EV-centric branding. The VW press release was incomplete, pointing out the requirement for an extra quote and photography from the automakers plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee.A name change would be the newest EV news from Volkswagen, which earlier this month held a “Power Day” to discuss its EV innovations. In the U.S. and China, it anticipates half of its sales to be EVs by that time frame.GM earlier this year didnt go as far as changing its name however announced a brand-new logo design and advertisement project focused on EVs.