Amazon. com Inc. workers in Alabama who sided against unionization stated they had broad issues about task security and grew convinced that their pay and benefits might not markedly increase with the help of a union.
The resounding victory for Amazon, the nations second-largest private company, came after it organized what showed to be an effective local project, highlighting the companys strengths and questioning the unions advantages. Nationally, Amazon grew singing in pushing back versus criticism about its office conditions, including when a leading executive participated in conflicts with members of Congress on Twitter.
Experts state the defeat of unionization will reinforce Amazon after what has actually already been a year of significant growth and success fueled by the pandemic. The tech giants earnings in 2015 skyrocketed 38% to $386 billion, and its profit almost doubled, as it added 500,000 people to its worldwide workforce.
Some workers stated Amazon helped steer their vote versus unionization. Other employees stated they didnt need convincing by Amazon and were against unionizing from the start.
Amazon indicated its minimum wage of $15 an hour, double the states base pay of $7.25 an hour, which is likewise the federal minimum. The company likewise highlighted its healthcare and retirement advantages.